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Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

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Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

Rock-Ola has been one of the leading jukebox companies for decades. Rock-Ola.eu offers you a complete insight in the company’s jukebox collection from the early days untill now.

Pssttt… do you love to touch your music? Then we’ve gotĀ precisely what you need: An internet connected and with touchscreen equipped state-of-the-art Rock-Ola jukebox!

Have you been collecting cd’s of your favourite artists for ages, but never got the right player to really…. really give the music the grandeur it needs? Now you’ve found it!

in the USA

Every Rock-Ola jukebox is a piece of perfect audiovisual engineering made by the skillful hands of the dedicated team at the Rock-Ola factory in Torrance – California, USA.

Make your music shine like a star! These luxurious jukeboxes with black finish are truly the goldmembers of the Rock-Ola family. Let your jukebox reflect your music!

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